CEW-IT was formed in 2010 with a core mandate and mission around Election Observation. CEW-IT observed the 2011 General Elections with its members. Its deployed 5400 Observers across the region who were accredited by the Electoral Commission. CEW-IT formed the largest domestic Election Mission in 2011. CEW-IT collected over 40,000 SMSes during the period across the country. The messages were analysed and supported the release of the final observer report. During the process period, the messages help deter election fraud since they were reported to the EC which took measures to address the issues raised. 2 large ICT centers were set up at Makerere University and at CEW-IT office to cordinate and help process the messages. The project was supported by OXFAM and HIVOS. Use of ICT using crowdsourcing was of key importance to the observation mission. Reports from Observers who had been trained where sent using a short code of 6030. CEW-IT engaged with the Electoral Commission in various aspects of the 2011 elections. CEW-IT also partnered with DemGroup with support from NDI during the project implementation phase. CEW-IT worked with INFONET Kenya and Ushahidi as its technology partners from Kenya.

In 2016 General Elections, CEW-IT was a member of Citizens Elections Observer Network – Uganda (CEON-U) CEON-Uganda was the largest election mission in the 2015/2016 General elections with 16 National NGOs and many Sub National Members. Prior to the formation of CEON-Uganda, CEW-IT deployed observers to observe the update of the National Voter Register in 2015.

In the run up to 2021 General Elections, CEW-IT will be very active in Election Observation Mission. Along with UNNGOF CEW-IT just finished supporting the process of Observation of the National Voter Register (NVR). NVR update was conducted from 27th October 2019 to 23rd December 2019. Some of CEW-IT members were deployed as observers at the 46 selected districts. At the core of the process, CEW-IT deployed ICT reporting tool using in the process. The data and reports from the process have supported the release of the press statement and NVR Update report to be released in January 2020.

In between the Electoral General years, CEW-IT has continued to conduct other post election activities among which include bye elections and partnering with other like minded organisations to advocate for Electoral reforms.

CEW-IT was also very central in the write up and development of the Citizens Manifesto. The Citizens Manifesto was a document that clearly defined to needs and desires of the citizens from elected representative and political parties/candidates.

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