CEW-IT is premised on our continuous Research and Innovation around the use of ICT tools to address citizen concerns. We leverage our partnership with all stakeholders in the use ICT tools to collect, analyze and share information with our stakeholders. Social media engagement is important to use. We adopt the traditional media forums in the community taking advantage of radio and television in the communities.

The ICT Tools used by CEW-IT have involved various phases depending on the need, location, skill, access and availability. From inception, CEW-IT has deployed crowdsourcing using ushahidi for election observation in 2010/2011. Used Mobile Applications (ODK) for election observation, monitoring service delivery. Use of Bulk SMS was very frequent in 2011 General Elections. To the use of cloud server applications in the current election processes.

Technology for Democracy and Governance has helped CEW-IT cut costs of collection of reliable and authentic data for report writing. The time spent in the process has further reduced and CEW-IT continues to explore new emerging technologies that will support its work in the different processes.