CEW-IT has implemented projects on Social Accountability. The project was supported by the European Delegation in Uganda and HIVOS. The project focused on taking account of government implementation of social projects. Various tools in ICT, Public Expenditure Tools were developed and used. The project helped build capacity of citizens and non state actors to influence and monitor public expenditure and service delivery at both local and national level. Various engagements meetings between citizens and local government leaders were conducted to improve accountability and planning processes.

In almost all countries, no matter how poor or wealthy, serious issues with the functioning of democracy exist. Women, youth and other marginalized people are even worse off, as they are barely represented and their issues are rarely prioritized. They experience what in political science is labeled as a “disruption of the social contract’ or a “democratic deficit”.

It is important for innovative civil society organizations to join forces and enable citizens and citizens’ movements to gain more direct influence on, control over and participation in the different stages of the policy cycle, strengthen their ability to make their political representatives more responsive to their priorities and hold them accountability