Vision Empowered, prosperous and happy citizens in a democratic and peaceful country  
Mission To facilitate empowerment of citizens to engage in development and democratic governance
Mandate CEW-IT’s mandate is to coordinate and strengthen efforts to strengthen civic competence on voice and accountability to influence service delivery in Uganda.
Core values Unity in diversity – Recognizing that although we are in different regions with probably different missions four CEW-IT members remained united within the consortium umbrella due to the values they espouse.Human dignity – respect for humanity is core for all our interventions Self-sacrifice – service beyond self is CEW-IT’s flagshipIntegrity  – service beyond reproachTransparency and Accountability Equity  – in everything that we doJustice and fairnessMutual respect for one another within the consortium and also with others with whom we work.Learning – CEW-IT is a learning institution and draws lessons from whatever it encounters or does.


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